A beating heart

My plant grew strongly slanted to one side. I’m wondering what made my plant do this. The environment, the light? Or the way I put it into its new pot? Or maybe, is it its character? Would any other plant – of the same variety – do the same?

„The way we think of ourselves, and thus the way we act, the way we eat, drink, walk, sleep, make love, is conditioned in varying degree by three factors: heritage, education, and self-education.” – said Moshé Feldenkrais in his book Awareness Through Movement (I paraphrased).

I could turn the pot around, and watch what my plant would think about that. Is it a plant that seeks the light? Is it a plant that is strong willed, not easily discouraged? Ready, again, to change directions? Does a plant think about itself? And if it does, does its self-image govern its every act? Or is this just a thing we mammals, and more broadly speaking we species with a beating heart and nervous system, do?