42 days of daily blogging

Something has changed. After something like 42 days of daily blogging I no longer have to look for topics. The topics are storming into me. They try to tsunami out of me.

„Here is the key distinction. If it’s work, people try to figure out how to do less. And if it’s art, we try to figure out how to do more. And when we put kids in the factory we call school, the thing we built to indoctrinate them into compliance, why are we surprised that the question is ‘Will this be on the test?’ Someone who is making art doesn’t say, ‘Can I do one less canvas this month?’ They don’t say, ‘Can I write one less song this month?’ They don’t say, ‘Can I touch one fewer person this month?’ It’s art. They want to do more of it. But when it’s work, when it’s your job, of course you want to do less of it.” – Seth Godin

Suddenly this quote from Seth Godin’s TEDx talk „Stop stealing dreams”, which I always thought I understood, suddenly I experience it. I’m living it. My bones are moving.

I did invent a couple of  movement sequences before, just the way Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais did. I designed them from scratch, and I was very happy with them, just as I was very happy with some of my blog posts.

However, I never committed myself to invent a new movement sequence every day, day after day, as a practice. But this is what Moshé Feldenkrais is said to have done. And I guess, after some time, the movement sequences just spurted out of him. Over time he created hundreds, some say well over a thousand, of his brilliant lessons.