My Feldenkrais Book
Book Presentation

This book will guide you into the fascinating world of Somatic Education and how to do Feldenkrais lessons.

Getting Better Day By Day
Book Presentation

This one-of-a-kind workbook guides you through nine amazing movement sequences.

Tight Neck? Here's Help!
Video Course

Intelligently crafted movements and explorations, put together into a progression that is nothing short of amazing.

Movement Based
Book Presentation

Humankind's search for meaning must not stop at movement. Writing this book transformed how I think about movement.

Improving Ability
Youtube Channel

I offer free video lessons that help you to improve your ability to feel, sense, move, think, in all their many aspects.

Study Cards
Online Resource

The cards help to understand the movements and patterns of lessons of Somatic Education.

Alfons' Blog

A glimpse into my latest discoveries and projects; and experiments with written language.

Alfons' Poems

Movements became discoveries, which became words, which became poems.