Selected Works

My Feldenkrais Book
Book Presentation

This book will guide you into the fascinating world of Somatic Education and how to do Feldenkrais lessons.

Getting Better Day By Day
Book Presentation

This one-of-a-kind workbook guides you through nine amazing movement sequences.

Tight Neck? Here's Help!
Video Course

Intelligently crafted movements and explorations, put together into a progression that is nothing short of amazing.

Movement Based
Book Presentation

Humankind's search for meaning must not stop at movement. Writing this book transformed how I think about movement.

Improving Ability
Youtube Channel

I offer free video lessons that help you to improve your ability to feel, sense, move, think, in all their many aspects.

Study Cards
Online Resource

The cards help to understand the movements and patterns of lessons of Somatic Education.

Alfons' Blog

A glimpse into my latest discoveries and projects; and experiments with written language.

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Approval & Praise

“Nothing helps me more than these exercises. My back makes sounds like opening knots in doing these. Not sure what I would do if I did not find your videos as no physio will tell these exercises.”

“Wonderful results. This awareness of every part eyes to feet, brought the health back, tremendous changes in every part and light feeling, playful child like, Thank you very much God bless you.”

“So springy! Ms Bouncy! The best thing is that my big toes have a painful stiffness, and this movement made them much softer. And my rib cage feels larger, more expansive. It has affected me from toes to top, thank you dear Alfons.”

“I really enjoy his session, the playfulness, finding possibilities, connections, what a wonderful time!”

“Thank you so much for these lessons. I just recently found your videos and have really been enjoying them. I love your teaching style!”

“Your lessons are changing my life for the better day by day. It sounds contrived and cliché, but it's true.”

“Alfons, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m addicted to rearranging and reorganizing my body with your genius lessons!! The head under the bridge part? Amazing!!”

“This was amazing. After doing the left side I felt completely melted into the floor on the left side. I am always looser and happier in both body and spirit after any and every session I explore with your playful suggestions! Thank you so much! ”

“I discovered your video today and gave it a try. The results are amazing! I have complications in my ability to move due to arthritis but the movement is so gentle I finally have a semblance of relief. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!”

“This was a very enjoyable movement session once I realized the effort I was using to do the moves were actually hindering the smoothness. Somewhere during the second round on my other leg the session really became effortless. This lesson is a keeper. Thank you, Alfons.”

“Feldenkrais friends: I just checked the price of unlimited access to a library of video Feldenkrais lessons produced by a Feldenkrais center near me. $197/month. Go to Patreon and support these lessons!”

“This is my first time revisiting this video since starting my journey with this channel. The difference is remarkable. I didn’t need a pillow this time, because my head wasn’t hanging over the ground. I could feel movement in my ribs and chest that I’d never felt before with these movements. Lifting my head felt truly light at the end of this, which it never did on my first attempts at this lesson. Thanks for all this wonderful lessons.”